Tube Filling And Sealing Machine Made in China

Easy to operate and change the settings. With PLC and touch screen it all become easier. Tube loading, filling and sealing process is fully automatic. Filling and sealing on one machine with easy operation and low maintenance cost. Piston cylinder filling system is used for materials of different viacosities. The filling precision is high. When choosing tube filling equipment for plastic tubes, it is very important to understand the various types of tube sealing options available. Tube filling machinery comes with hot-air sealing, ultrasonic sealing, impulse sealing or hot-jaw sealing options. Matching the type of squeeze tube with the correct tube sealing equipment is very important to ensure strong, professional tube seals.
Tube materialMetal tubesPlastic tubes
Tube diameter桅10鈥斘?0mm桅10鈥斘?0mm
Tube length50鈥?40(adjustable)50鈥?40(adjustable)
Filling volume5鈥?50ml/tube(adjustable)5鈥?50ml/tube(adjustable)
Filling accuracy鈮ぢ?%鈮ぢ?%
Product capacity(pc/h)50 tubes/min(Max)50 tubes/min(Max)
Working pressure0.55鈥?.65mpa0.55鈥?.65mpa
Motor power1.1kw(380V/220V 50Hz)2kw(380V/220V 50Hz)
Heat sealing power3.0kw3.0kw
Overall dimension(mm)1900脳1000脳18501900脳1000脳1850
Machine weight(kg)10001000 Tube Filling And Sealing Machine Made in China
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