Tantalum Capacitor agent

Small volume
Wide temperature range
High temperature resistance
Long life
High insulation resistance
Small leakage current
Small capacity error
Equivalent series resistance is small (ESR).
High frequency performance
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Product usage
Product applications cover consumer electronics, communications, household appliances, medical devices, meters, power supplies, security, military products, etc.
Tantalum capacitor package?
A =(3216) 3.2X1.6 thick 1.8
B =(3528) 3.5X2.8 thick 2.1
C =(6032) 6.0X3.2 thick 2.8
D =(7343) 7.3X4.3 thick 3.1
E =(7343) 7.3X4.3 thick 4.3
V =(7361) 7.3X6.1 thick 3.8
How to distinguish the positive and negative poles from tantalum capacitors?
The chip tantalum capacitor has one end marked with a horizontal line, the positive electrode of the tantalum capacitor, and the other side of the negative pole.
How long is the shelf life of the AVX chip tantalum capacitor?
The shelf life of the AVX patch tantalum capacitor is normally two years.
What role does tantalum chip capacitors play?
Filtering, bypass and so on
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