Supermarket Freezer price

Product use
When the operating temperature is - 1 ~ 5 鈩? it is used to display and sell fresh, meat, dairy products and beverages; when the operating temperature is - 18 ~ - 22 鈩? it is used to display and sell various frozen food, ice cream, seafood, etc. The length is 1500mm (two doors), 2250mm (three doors), 3000mm (four doors) and 3750mm (five doors), which can be spliced arbitrarily.
As the terminal equipment in the cold chain of food, the refrigerated display cabinet plays an important role in ensuring the quality and safety of food. There are many kinds and types of food refrigerated display cabinets, among which open food refrigerated display cabinet can not only provide suitable refrigerated temperature for food, but also display food, beautify shopping environment and stimulate consumption. After years of development, it has become an indispensable equipment in supermarkets. According to incomplete statistics, the energy consumption of food refrigerated display cabinets in supermarkets accounts for about 50% of the total energy consumption of supermarkets. Therefore, the performance of food refrigerated display cabinets not only has an important impact on food quality, but also on the energy conservation of supermarkets.Supermarket Freezer price
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