Poly vinylpyrrolidone/vinylacetate factory

Synonyms: Copovidone;Copolyvidone; PVP/ VAc
CTFA/INCI:VP/VA copolymer
CAS No.: [25086-89-9]
Trade Name: Sunvidone® VA
SUNVIDONE® VA is a vinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate copolymer that is soluble both in water and in alcohols.
It is used in the pharmaceutical industry as binders, granulating agents, retarding agents and film.
forming agents in drugs.
SUNVIDONE® VA meets the requirements of the latest USP/NF, Ph.Eur. and JPE
Appearance of solution (10%)BY5, B5 min.Heavy metals20ppm max
Aldehydes500ppm max.Loss on drying5.0% max
Peroxides400ppm max.sulphated ash0.1% max
Hydrazine1ppm max.K value25.2-30.8
Monomers0.1% max.Ethenyl acetate35.3%-42.0%
Impurity A0.5% max.Nitrogen7.0%-8.0%
White or slightly yellowish, free-flowing powder with a faint characteristic odor and practically no taste.
Sunvidone® VA readily dissolves in all hydrophilic solvents. Solutions of more than 10% concentration can be prepared in: water; ethanol; isopropanol; methylene chloride; glycerol; propylene glycol; It is less soluble in: ether; cyclic, aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons.
• Binder for tablets and granules
Dry binder for direct compression
Wet granulationSunvidone® VA is an excellent binder for tablets and granules.
Between 2% and 5%, as a proportion of the final weight of the
preparation, is usually used.
• Film-coatingSunvidone® VA forms films that are soluble at all pH values.
• SubcoatingSunvidone® VA is used in sugar-coating to improve the
• Sugar-coatingadhesion of the coating to the surface of the tablet core and to
• Spraysincrease the capacity of the coating solution for pigments and
• Controlled-release preparationsimprove their dispersibility.
PACKAGES 20KG or 25KG net in fiber drum or PP drumPoly vinylpyrrolidone/vinylacetate factory
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