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"Kaiyuan Plastic" brand underground communications polyethylene (PE), porous tube are made from polyethylene (PE) resin as the main raw material, it is a new type is optical cable protection pipe by special combination formulation extrusion, it is used to protect underground communication cables and optical cables. Porous body structure, force uniform, compact structure, these performance indicators have reached the standards of the Department of Posts and Telecommunications. With increased pore utilization, reduce engineering costs, improve efficiency, easy to install advantages, it can be widely used in fiber-optic communications, cable television, multimedia transmission and other projects.

Product name: HDPE porous plum pipe for telecommunication protection
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Raw Material: Polyethelene
Wall Thickness: 2.0mm-28.6mm
Length: As your required
Certificate: ISO 14001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 OHSAS18001:2007
Feature: Low temperature spring-back, compression, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance and so on.
Application: Telecommunication, radio and television, railway, and other communication power.
Life span: 50 Years Under Normal Conditions
Connection: Butt fusion, socket, spigot

鈼?Good corrosion resistance and good insulation of cables.
鈼?Force uniform, threading is easy and convenient.
鈼?Tight arrangement of each hole to improve the utilization rate of communication hole.
鈼?One tube is porous, the construction is convenient and quick, the project cost is low.
鈼?Product integration structure, high strength and long service life.
鈼?The applicable temperature range is large (+80-40鈩?, which can be used in both tropical and cold regions.
PE Pipe manufacturers
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