Customized Aluminum Fabrication

Starway provide different types of Laser Cutting Metal processes applied based on the material type and requirements, Flame, Fusion, Sublimation and Laser Drilling, each can be assisted with inert gases to boost the energy or ensure the edges are oxide free.
Laser cutting aluminum is a mature manufacturing process for Starway workshop who has already 11 years experience in laser cutting.
Starway laser cutting equipment accommodates a variety of metals to meet the varying needs of our customers. Except for aluminum, the metals for which we have the capacity for laser cutting include:
鈼廠teel and steel alloys (e.g., carbon, stainless, mild, spring, and tool)
Manufacturing Capability
ProjectLaser cutting aluminum
Optional Serviceslaser cut stainless steel, Steel laser cutting
MaterialSteel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc
Surface TreatmentPowder coating, Sandblasting
Quality Control100% inspection before shipping
Manufacturing ProcessLaser cutting, bending, welding, stamping
Prototype Lead TimeNormally 5 days
Laser Cutting Machine
Brand: Bystronic
Max power: 3.5KW
Max Cut Size: 1500*6000mm
Max Cut THK: 20mm
Cutting Tolerance: 卤0.1mm
CNC Punch
Brand: Tailift
Max power: 25 tons
Max Cut Size: 1800*4000mm
Max Cut THK: 3mm
Facilitated with universal tools
CNC Press Brakes
Brand: Amada
Max power: 150 tons
Max Bend Length: 4000mm
Max Cut THK: 8mm
Facilitated with universal forming tools
Welding Machine
58 Welding machines
Fit for steel, stainless and Al
Tig welding, Mig welding, Spot welding etc
PEM Insertion
PEM Nut, PEM Standoff
Universal Insertion Tools
Precise PEM location
More Samples
Laser Cut Stainless SteelLaser Cutting PartSteel Laser Cutting
Our Client
Starway has been in close cooperation with customers from all over the world, our main market comes from U.S., Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, UK, Australia...
Q1. Are you able to source some spare parts for us?
Yes, sure, we can help, just let us know your requirement
Q2. What's the payment terms?
30% deposit, 70% before shipment. Payment term are negotiable for long-term clients.
Q3. Can you help us with the design?
Yes, sure, we have experienced engineers who will communicate with you
about your requirement and let you know.
Q4. Can you laser printing and pad printing for our customized project?
Yes, sure, just send us your drawings, we will quote immediately.
Q5. What are your main service?
We are mainly focus on sheet metal fabrication, cnc machining parts.
Q6. What kind of material you are able to process?
Aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, etc.
Q7. What is the nearest port to your workshop?
Port Shanghai, Ningbo are all fine
Q8. Do you accept small orders?
Yes, small orders are available.Customized Aluminum Fabrication
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