Customized Aluminum Brass Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Brief introduction
The aluminum brass condenser with double systems as one of the special heat exchangers and anti-corrosion shell and tube heat exchanger, is one of the accessories of the refrigeration system, which can convert the gas or vapor into a liquid, and transfer the heat in the gas or vapor to the medium outside the pipe in a quick way. The heat exchange tubes of the condenser generally use aluminum, brass, copper-nickel alloy and other metal materials for the heat exchange elements, and the aluminum and brass alloy heat exchange tube materials are selected for corrosion and scaling problems, which we often say Aluminum brass condenser.
Detailed information
The main components of special heat exchangers : Aluminum brass condenser with double systems
include a carbon steel shell, double-sided aluminum brass threaded heat exchange tubes, anti-corrosion composite tube plates, and cast iron end caps (heads). The working process of the dual-machine aluminum brass condenser is a Due to the heat process, the shell temperature of the dual-machine condenser is relatively high, the material of the heat exchange tube is aluminum brass alloy, the shell material is carbon steel, and the tube sheet is a composite tube sheet with anti-corrosion layer. The condenser is suitable for corrosive media such as sewage, seawater, brine, etc.

Key words: Aluminum brass condenser with double systems
Aluminum brass heat exchange tube; Seawater Condenser
Parameter table for Aluminum brass condenser with double systems
Model Nominal heat transfer area锛圞W锛? Water inlet and outlet
锛坕nch锛? Gas inlet
锛坕nch锛? Gas outlet
锛坕nch锛? Length
锛坢m锛? Width
锛坢m锛? Height
锛坢m锛? Weight
R22 R134a R407C
USC060B 257 206 232 3" 2-1/8" 1-3/8" 2535 470 420 232
Product advantages, features, applications, etc.
1) The heat transfer coefficient of the horizontal shell-side condensing film is several times higher than that of the film in the vertical tube or outside the tube, and at the same time, non-condensate will not accumulate in the dead corner and will not be easily discharged.
(2) It is easy to clean the scale in the cooling water pipe. It is easy to ensure a high flow rate in the water pipe, which is beneficial to reduce the rate of scale formation and improve the heat transfer coefficient of the water film.
(3) Horizontal column tube condenser, with the lower layer tube at the inlet of cooling water, and the condensate accumulates on the bottom layer, so as to reduce the temperature of the condensate. In the surface condensing system, it is important to further cool the condensate. If the temperature in the condensing system is high, there will be a large amount of volatilization on contact with the organic gas in the air. Generally, the outlet temperature of the condensate is 60 掳 C or lower. Of course, you can also add a separate cooler, but this will increase the cost.

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A short piece of product knowledge
In the ordinary condenser, the tube sheet made of carbon steel and the copper heat exchange tube are used as coolers. When the medium to be used for the heat exchanger is corrosive, the weld between the tube sheet and the shell, the tube sheet and the replacement Corrosion and leakage often occur at the joints of heat pipes. Leakage entering the cooling water system will cause environmental pollution and waste of materials. More importantly, it will damage the condenser and even damage the accessories in the entire refrigeration system, causing significant losses.
The nickel tube condenser has undergone a process from small-scale adoption to rapid promotion and application in the field of chlor-alkali industry in China. After annealing, the nickel tube needs to be electrochemically passivated on the surface. The thick and uniform passivation film enhances the corrosion resistance of the heat exchanger, extends the service life of the nickel tube heat exchanger, and saves costs for customers.

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