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Key Features
鈼廎lexible design
鈼廍asy front service access
鈼廢ltra-thin design
鈼廎ast refresh rate up to 3840
鈼廟apid installation system
鈼廤ide viewing angle
鈼廜utstanding contrast ratio
The flexible LED display is made of FPC and rubber materials, which is very soft and can be made into any size and shape for creative installation. It has a compact body with 5 mm thick magnetic connection. It can be easily repaired anywhere, including squares, hotels, halls, clubs, etc.
All products are flexible and ultra-thin design, our LED displays range from P1.8 to P5, we have designed different modules and cabinet sizes. In order to provide customers with flexible solutions and products.
Flexible Module without Rubber Kit
Flexible Module without Rubber Kit
Curve LED Wall
Cylinder LED Display
SLT has designed different module sizes to accommodate larger cylinder diameters, which is a flexible solution.
HD fine pitch LED display is a smaller pitch LED display, produced by high precision SMD machines that make sure the high standard production process and quality. SLT owns the advanced Yamaha SMD machines for HD fine pitch ED display modules.
We follow the highest standard and make sure the quality by different testing equipment and processes.
Product specifications can be customized to suit your requirements. Customized Configuration: control card, cables, PCB board, housing kit, LED lamp, driving IC, power supply.
We are committed to providing quality customer service and support to customers from all over the world. You are welcome to contact us anytime!
P3 Flexible LED Display Specification
Model P3
Pixel Pitch(mm锛?/p>3.0
LED TypeSMD2121
Pixel Density( dots/銕?111,111
Module Size(mm)240x120
Module Resolution80X40
View Angle160掳(H)/160掳(V)
Scan Mode1/20 scan
Power Supply InputDC110--220V
Max Consumption(w/銕★級600
Average Consumption(w/銕★級300
Refresh Rate(Hz):1920Hz~3840Hz
Optimal Viewing Distance3--50M
Life Span (H)100,000
Temperature Operating-40掳锝?60掳
Working Humidity10%鈥?0%RH
CertificatesCE/ FCC/RoSH
1. What we can do for customized project?
According to customer requirement (application, pixel definition, sizes, function), we recommend project solution, design, trial run the product rototype and send to customer for testing, run the mass production once approve the testing result.
2. Is it possible that send technical to local site for technology support?
Yes, we always work closed to customers from all over the world and support their business as long term business partner, we share the newest technology, skill and experience.
3. How we guard the quality?
We owe advanced and stable production lines, test each led lamp and aging all the modules, apply small tooling clearance for the cabinets, also do the waterproof detection for outdoor series of products, avoid malfunction when tough weather. We pack each module, cabinet and accessories by safe cases, make sure no quality issues during the shipping and transporting.
4. About our team
We are innovative and creative team, focus on quality and service. We have experience from thousands of projects, identify and manage the patient risk for each LED display screen solution, make sure the projects of our customers become reality. We keep good relationship with customers and enjoy working with our customers.
China Flexible LED Display suppliers
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