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Products Introduction
American ginseng extract is refined from dry roots of American ginseng which belongs to the Araliaceae plants of Panax quinquefolium L. American Ginsenoside roles in the immune system, including promoting lymphocyte transformation, the generation of immune factors, enhancing collective immune function.
Products Description
Product NameAmerican GinsenosideSynonym NameAmerican Notoginseng Extract
Latin NamePanax Quinquefolium L.Used PartStem, leaf, root
SpecificationAmerican Ginsenosides 10%-80% UV / HPLC
AppearanceYellow to brown yellow powder
Products Advantages
1. Low pesticide residues, with EP or USP standard of pesticide residues
2. Reliable production technology and excellent quality control.
1. Enhancing the function of central nervous systems;
2. Protecting the cardiovascular systems;
3. Improving immunity;
4. Protecting blood vigor;
5. Treatment of diabetes.
American Ginsenoside remains the function of central nervous systems, cardiocascular systems, especially enhancing immunity for the human body. So it used on health care products, also can be used on high-class cosmetics.
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